Blondie set to invade Havana March 15 and 16th

“One Way or Another” Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of the 70’s band Blondie are “gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya” to see them perform in Havana, Cuba March 15 and 16that the Teatro Mella in Havana, Cuba. Performing in Cuba for the first time ever, the band has teamed up with U.S. tour organizer Dreamcatcher Events for a comprehensive four night tour package of Havana which includes two nights of Blondie performing with local artists Sintesis (the Firday the 15thshow) and David Torrens (the Saturday the 16thperformance) along with photo opps and cultural tours of the city. The tour gives American visitors a perfect opportunity to not only see Blondie live but also to experience Havana within the parameters of the U.S. travel permits that allow U.S. citizens to visit Cuba under legitimate cultural exchanges with licensed travel groups.

In Havana, Blondie central will be the Melia Habana Hotel from where the various cultural tours will commence such as tours of the Malecon in vintage cars, Cuban cooking classes, photography walks and artist studio visits.


We will heading off on Blondie’s first-ever trip to Havana, Cuba and we’d like for our friends and fans to join us.

Blondie has always been an international band. Over the past four decades we’ve played everywhere – Asia, Latin America, South America, Eastern Europe – but we have never made it to Cuba…until now. We’ve been talking about performing in Havana for ages so as soon as it became a possibility, we started putting this trip together. It’s a real thrill and a career highlight for Blondie to be part of this Cultural Exchange, to have such a unique opportunity to experience Cuba’s distinctive music, arts, food and culture together with you.


We will be playing two concerts at Havana’s famous Teatro Mella – Blondie’s very first time performing live on Cuban soil. We’ll definitely be changing things up a bit each night but both shows will include all your favorite songs from throughout our career. There will definitely be a special energy coming off the stage, simply because we’ll be so excited to be there, in Havana, surrounded by new friends and some of our biggest fans.


We will be supported by some incredible local musicians and bands, including multiple Latin GRAMMY® Award-nominee Alain Perez, revolutionary troubadour David Torrens, and the great Afro-Cuban progressive rock band Sintesis. We’re really looking forward to checking them all out with you. It will be an amazing chance for all of us to really explore Cuba’s amazing musical tradition and future.

We’re been trying to get to Cuba for a long, long time and everyone is really up for it. As musicians, so many things influence us and we’re always looking for something new and different to inspire us. That’s always been a big part of Blondie. Cultural Exchange is something we all just do naturally, you can always learn from other cultures, other musicians. That’s ultimately what this trip is all about – expanding our horizons by listening to new things, meeting new people, exploring a culture different than our own.

While not stated in the tour material, one does presume if one finds themselves in Havana March 15 and 16thconcert tickets for the general public should become available but it may require the tenacious touch of your favourtite hotel concierge or local cab driver “in the know” to help secure your entrance.

¡Hasta pronto!

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The Teatro Mella is located at Línea No. 657, entre A y B, Vedado, Havana, Cuba. (+53)7833 – 8696.

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