Three destinations and one love story

Three destinations and one love story


The -key to the gulf- as Cuba is also known packs more than meets the eye, massive culture, astonishing architectural eclecticism, unreal beaches, exuberant nature and impressive scenery, just to name some but when it comes to “L ’amour” seems like this filed with action island was tailored made for it.

This jewel of a country has ignited the flames of not just a few relationships due to the delicious visible contrasts, the jovial nature of its citizens and the sheer beauty of its natural surroundings, making it an exceptional destination for lover’s escapades, weddings and honeymoons.

Be ready to be spellbound in a journey of discovery along some of the most romantic places that you and your significant other can find in the cities of Havana, Cienfuegos and the Cayo Santa María key, these proposals are the perfect gift for you both in this everlasting voyage of love.

Havana, “real and wonderful” is turning five centuries this year and is known to gather a compound of mystery, diversity, vibrant colours, baroque styles and a particular romanticism. This unique blend is what makes it unparalleled. More than one visitor has made it their special retreat succumbing before its captivating backdrop that could easily be mistaken for Hollywood sets.

The emblematic Tryp Habana Libre is at the heart of the Vedado district (one of the most attractive areas in the city). There is the possibility to go up to the 25th floor, take photos and enjoy the impressive panoramic views taking into account that it is one of the tallest buildings in Havana. Diner is also an option as you can dine exquisite traditional and international cuisine up high at the “Sierra Maestra” restaurant, a space for romance to awaken passions and spend truly unforgettable moments.

The National Museum of Fine Arts (national collection building) is worth paying a visit too, the libertine authenticity of the highly internationally regarded Cuban art is sure to make a mark on you. This popular venue houses collections that showcase the essence and character product of 500 years of accumulated cultural baggage.

There is a bar called “La Flauta Mágica” also in Vedado up on a terrace of one of the classiest buildings in the area. For some time now it’s been a venue preferred by couples where you can taste a wonderful mojito or daiquiri next to your soul mate as you dominate Havana’s skyline facing the emblematic Malecón (seawall); make sure you take to the dance floor as you fuse your bodies into one to the rhythm of Cuban salsa!

When here there is an excellent option to lodge in, overlooking Havana’s famous Malecón, in the district of Vedado sits the modern and stylish Five Star urban Meliá Cohiba hotel recommended for Honeymooners, Meetings and Events and it offers the exclusive Meliá The Level service. This monumental building on top of spoiling you with breath taking views of the city and the sea it offers a Humidor cigar bar and -Casa del Habano- cigar shop in case you want to add a touch of glamour in true Cuban fashion. There is also a very popular 1950s themed nightclub housed in the building itself which resembles the erstwhile Havana with live performances and food and drink served.

During your love escapade make sure you stopover at the lovely city of Cienfuegos  in the southern coast, there you will understand why this place is an excellent canvas where both of you can weave another thread of your never-ending love adventure.

Having been founded by French settlers their legacy in architecture and city planning lives on reminiscing “La grandeur”, romanticism and splendour of France. It’s like having a piece of “La France” embedded in the tropics.

Known for its tranquillity nevertheless it clearly boasts Cuban heartbeat, whether it’s the kids playing baseball in the streets, wondering troubadours, the spontaneous criers selling something or some random guy trying to start his old 1955 Chevrolet they are all typical portraits of some of the things you might come across.

To top off the list and end up on a truly tropical note you just have to visit the jaw dropping Cayo Santa María key. Once there you’ll be able to relax and admire beautiful sand and crystal clear waters, quite simply an astounding choice to spend time with a special someone. Situated north of the central part of the country it’s a splendid key that you can access passing over the Buena Vista bay.

Here make sure to stay at the recently unveiled Paradisus Los Cayos hotel, a modern All-Inclusive eco-resort. Its exquisite bungalow design architecture effortlessly merges into the plentiful nature and coastal area characteristic of the geography of this region.

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