Havana & Varadero: Quite a lovers’ combo!

Havana & Varadero: Quite a lovers’ combo!

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Going on a honeymoon is not a decision you make every day, we all want it to be the prelude of the happy lives we vowed. In reality there is a plethora of hotels and places to go to around the world, these may supply you with a lot of things but without a question there are certain things, sensations and experiences that only Cuba can give you.

This Island has been consolidating itself as a weddings and honeymoon destination and it’s famous for making visitors come back repeatedly.

If you want to make a quick one week getaway I advise you combine Havana and Varadero,. First you can lodge at the excellent Meliá Habana hotel which is recommended for honeymooners. It’s a five star modern, stylish and comfortable urban hotel located westwards in Havana overlooking the sea. Its terraces and beautiful views will become a fundamental building block of your unforgettable escapade.

What could be more romantic that cruising through the streets in an original engine 1950s American convertible in a charismatic city like Havana which even today hasn’t revealed all of its wonders and mysteries, a priceless through-back.  Walking along the gorgeous Prado promenade is a must taking into account that this is where couples have had their moment since the colonial period.

The “Plaza Vieja” –Old Plaza- in Old Havana apart from its beauty and colouring shelters an oasis of tranquillity amidst busy Havana, it’s the perfect spot for those who want to stop and catch their breath. It’s surrounded by restaurants, cafes, spas, stores and even a local beer brewery/bar-restaurant.

As night falls you will find an excellent offer of Cuban and international cuisine at the “El Cocinero” restaurant in the modern Vedado district. The fantastic ambiance together with creative rustic details and simplicity will seal your romantic evening.

If you’re in the mood for more action a visit to the “Fábrica de Arte” (Factory of Art) just next door -currently one of the top night spots in Havana- proposes provoking art, great live or recorded Cuban and international music, fun cafes, Cuban fashion catwalks, theatre plays, restaurant and bars, all under one roof! The building housing all of this itself is unconventional, as is everything you’ll find inside.

After Havana and just two hours’ drive away head to Varadero, one of the most famous beaches in the world. This sun, sand and beach paradise is the perfect setting to sit back and relax!

Nevertheless Varadero is not only beach and sun, there is a place called Saturno Cave that has an inside pool with cool, transparent waters in which you can bathe in a beautiful environment. These waters make you feel rejuvenated after you bathe in them.

The dolphinarium is a must, just spending two seconds bonding with this lovely creatures is more than enough to make anyone’s day.

I recommend the “Varadero 60” restaurant which has a stupendous vibe and great offers of Cuban and international food that will delight you and if you still got energy in the evening make sure to stop by the “Mediterraneo Cabaret” where you can watch a fun Caribbean show with lots of music.

While here you can lodge at the adults-only Paradisus Princesa del Mar five star all-inclusive resort. We recommend its royal service, in which tranquillity and comfort reign.  If beach walking and resting is your thing, then this is the place you are looking for. Its long coastal area will most certainly be the stage of your very own love play.